Holiday Activities

Farm & Forest Fun!

If you’re keen to get your little ones outdoors and re-connected with food and the natural world during school holidays then you've come to the right place!

We offer holiday activity days at The Community Farm and a local woodland which gives a real diversity to what we can get up to! A typical day on the farm might involve exploring the fields and harvesting crops to prepare a seasonal snack to share, playing games on the fields and taking on the role of mini-explorers as we get up close with some mini-beasts on the farm and have a go at pond-dipping.

In the woods, children can explore the wonder of the forest, cook over a camp-fire, use simple hand-tools to make musical instruments from the forest, make dens, play games and get muddy! 

It is the perfect holiday antidote to the school classroom!

Our Farm & Forest School days are for small groups (usually 8 children) and for narrow-age ranges (5-7 and 8-11) so that children can get the most out of it, getting hands-on with hand tools and making fire. 

‘Thanks so much for a fabulous two days. Flo had great fun and chatted non-stop about each day of the course when she got home each evening. She is very proud of her achievements, particularly the cooking, learning to saw wood and make a necklace, the campfire, popcorn and making the den - she clearly really enjoyed herself. Very inspirational, would definitely recommend your courses to friends. Thanks again.’

— Parent feedback
This is the best day I’ve ever had!
— 7 year old boy at one of our Farm & Forest School days


Visit our Activity Calendar to find out about our next Farm & Forest School days!